We all make travel mistakes when we travel. Even myself as a travel professional who travels more than 9 months in a year will make a mistake here and there, however, sometimes you might make a mistake that can cost you your entire vacation! I would like to share my experience working with many clients who have realized they misplaced their passport a few days before the date of departure and would prevent them from going on the vacation they saved a whole year for.

Luckily, there is a way to get a same-day passport and it can help you save your vacation too.

Can you get a same-day passport?

When you realize you misplaced your passport or your passport has expired before your date of travel you may be concerned about how you can get a passport quick as we all experienced the dreaded 3-4 week wait for a passport to arrive in our mailboxes. However, there is great news! Getting a same-day passport is actually quite easy. But before you go and get ready to get a same-day passport here are some requirements you must be aware of:

  • You must live near a US Passport Agency Office. These offices are usually in big cities.
  • Your date of departure must be within 14 days
  • You must show up in person with proof of travel
  • You will need to complete a DS-82 Passport Form and provide all required documents
  • You will be purchasing an expedited passport
  • You must arrive early (be the first to arrive at 7:30 AM is preferred)
  • Be prepared to stay at the passport agency office the entire day as you must pick up a passport before the office closes.

If you meet all of the above requirements then you are well on your way to get your same-day passport!

How is the actual experience?

The best way to help give you the best information is when I brought our VIP client to the Passport office because she misplaced her passport the night before her evening flight the next day. I drove my VIP client to the New York Passport Office located at 376 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014. Upon arriving at 7:30 AM there was already a long line and it seemed like there were over 100 people (the line was out the door).

We stood in the line and got to the clerk who reviewed the completed form and supporting documents. After reviewing the documents my VIP Client was assigned a number. After about a 2 hour wait it is now 11:00 AM we finally get called and she got her application processed. The processor advised that the office closes at 6:00 PM, however, she must be back at the office by 3:00 PM to pick up her passport as the lines are usually very long.

I enjoyed a long lunch and coffee with my client and we returned to the passport office at 3:00 PM. We waited an additional 2 hours to around 5:00 PM when we arrived and my VIP Client received her renewed passport in hand and we rushed her to the airport to catch her 11:25 PM flight.

What does this mean?

Well to start – this does not mean be lazy with your passport and misplace it often, instead it means that you should know there is a way to get your last-minute passport in the event you do misplace it.

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