All of my travelers know that I love Delta Airlines and primarily fly delta and Skyteam Partners to ensure I maintain my status. As of this year, I have successfully maintained Platinum Medallion status for five years and plan on keeping it that way for the foreseeable future. Many of my travelers have been amazed at some of the benefits of being a platinum medallion member; however, they are unable to attain that status on their own. However, today, there is something that just started for travelers who want some form of status but works for the casual traveler. I think it’s a great perk and right for the infrequent Domestic Delta Airlines traveler.

Delta SkyMiles Select

With this program, you will get Main Cabin 1 boarding, eight drink vouchers, and a Skymiles Select Luggage Tag. The benefits seem minimal. However, these benefits are great for some domestic Delta travelers. I am going to break it down.

8 Drink Vouchers

If you fly domestically on Delta in Main Cabin (economy) often and you enjoy an adult beverage on board your flights, then this program pays for itself. An onboard beverage Delta averages $9 per drink and with eight drink vouchers that is a $72 value. Of course, you would have to use all the vouchers to get the value of the service.

Main Cabin 1 Boarding

Travelers who fly often know that the further back your boarding zone, the lower chance you have for overhead cabin space for your carry on, and you may end up needing to check your bag. No one wants to do that, so how do we fix that? A lot of travelers get the Delta Airlines American Express Credit Card to get guaranteed Main Cabin 1 boarding, however, with its annual fee and infrequent travelers this may not be the best option.

, In this case, you can purchase the Delta SkyMiles Select and get the same service and free drink vouchers to boot. Now that sounds like a win to me. The only thing to keep in mind is how Delta boards their planes.

  1. First Class / Delta One
  2. Diamond Medallion Members
  3. Sky Priority (Platinum, Gold & Silver Medallion)
  4. Comfort +
  5. Main 1 (Credit Card, SkyMiles select, Preferred Seats)
  6. Main 2 (General Main Cabin)
  7. Main 3 (Basic Economy)

With the boarding system above you can only imagine by the time it gets to Main Cabin 2 over 75% of the plane is already on board so you can see the value in Main 1 as you will be within the 25-75% boarding zone depending on when you wait in line.

SkyMiles Select Luggage Tag

Let’s be honest. This has no value, and I cannot see anyone proud to use this. So this is a tiny section. But hey. You get something free tho right?

Final Thoughts and Should You Get It?

The answer to this question is it depends.

If you plan to drink on board and tend to carry on bags often that you do not want to check for a fee or gate check then this is 110% worth the fee.

If you plan to drink on board domestic flights and use all 8 vouchers then this is 100% worth the fee as you will make out winning.

If you do not drink and rarely have a carry on bag then this is not for you. The choice is yours.

How to sign up for SkyMiles Select

To sign up visit the website

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