Discrimination on 86th street

Discrimination on 86th

I am american born chinese and grew up in Brooklyn New York. I am not blind and I know that discrimination is still out there, however this is the first time I've seen discrimination so direct and without remorse.

On this July 4th, My mom passed by a store named "HomeTex of NY" with her friend because she wanted to purchase an area rug. Upon viewing the rugs outside the store an employee of the store asked her to go inside to look. A few minutes later the manager walked in and told my mom and her friend "you can't look today, look tomorrow". My mom was so angry she just walked out while her friend began arguing with the manager, after a while of arguements her friend stated the manager was being racist and my mom continued to get even more annoyed at the incident.

As soon as I walked home my mom explained the incident to me and I asked if she called 311 and she said she is not comfortable with calling 311. Immediately I told my mom we are going back to the store and speaking with this person again. I drove back to 2203 86th street Brooklyn NY and walked into the store with my mom, this time the manager did not say anything so my mom became even more furious and I decided its time for me to question the manager

This is the outcome of that confrontation.....

[youtube oPHPxdel11w Discrimination on 86th]


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