Driver by Vincent

Private Rides

Driver by Vincent, is a unique opportunity for you to request a private driver to pick you up and drive you to your destination of choice. When requesting a Private Ride you can expect to have a knowledgeful driver who has driven for over 13 years in the streets of New York City in a guaranteed comfortable large SUV without the premium charge from rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

Please note requests must be submitted with a minimum of 24-hour notice. Same day requests are via WhatsApp and based on availability.

How much does it cost?

I am available for pickups in: New York City, and New Jersey
I am able to drop off in: New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

To help you save money, the cost of the ride is $2.25 per mile from your start point to the final destination plus a flat Toll Fee per bridge or tunnel. See below for examples. Unlike Uber, Lyft, and Taxi’s there is no charge for time.

Distance:$2.25 per mile, rounded up to the mile
Tolls: $20 flat per bridge or tunnel crossing each way
Minimum Fare: $40 minimum fare
*if returning the same day, you only pay tolls one way

Pricing Examples:
– 330 Madison Avenue (Manhattan) to JFK – $56.00 total (16 miles + 1 bridge)
– Grand Hyatt New York (Manhattan) to EWR – $49.25 (13 miles + 1 tunnel)
– Park Slope (Brooklyn) to EWR – $73.75 (15 miles + 2 bridges/tunnels)
– Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) to Bronx Zoo (Bronx) – $74.00 (24 miles + 1 tunnel)
– Grand Central Station (Manhattan) to Catskill Mountains (upstate) – $314.75 (131 miles + 1 bridge)
– Grand Central Station (Manhattan) to Boston (Massachussets) – $499.25 (213 miles + 1 bridge)
– Grand Central Station (Manhattan) to Killington Peaks (VT) – $620.75 (267 miles + 1 tunnel)

The Ride

You will be transported in a 2020 Ford Edge SEL that is fully loaded with heated seats in the front (for the winter), refreshing air conditioning, and complimentary High-Speed WIFI for your comfort and enjoyment. Check out the Vehicle for yourself in the video below!

The Ride
Interior Lighting

Request your ride today!

  • Click on the “Live Request” button to access my live calendar of availability
  • Select your preferred pickup date and time by the hour (you can specify exact time later)
  • Enter all the information of your ride request like you would with Ride Share
  • After you submit the request, I will review it and call you to confirm.
  • Please note I do request 24-hour notice for any scheduled rides
  • If you require last minute, please message me on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Button

Reserve your Transport by Vincent today!

Complimentary Airport Transportation for Chubit Travel Clients

If you booked a trip with Vincent from Chubit Travel and the trip cost is $5,000 or more for 2 travelers, you are eligible for complimentary airport transfers up from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan to JFK, LGA, and EWR airports with Driver by Vincent based on availability. If you have not booked your next with Vincent from Chubit Travel, consider emailing me at as we guarantee the best price and service as well as complimentary airport transfers when possible.


SAFETY: For your safety and my own, I am only able to drive a maximum of 300 miles one way and 600 miles round trip. This comes up to a total of 6-8 hours of driving maximum for me per day.

CAPACITY: My vehicle has 5 seatbelts, one for myself and 4 for passengers. For this reason, I am only able to take 4 passengers in my vehicle at any given time. The vehicle can fit safely and securely 6 large suitcases with 4 passengers.

NOTICE: Vincent will not be able to help you move household appliances or furniture. If you plan on moving furniture or household appliances please contact me via WhatsApp and I can offer you my driving services for the UHAUL truck you rent. Please note that I will not be able to help you physically move furniture or household appliances.